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I feel quite comfortable playing pre flop, but I feel that I am weak in post flop play. I lack the big picture of post flop play.

Can anyone give me a good reference for post flop play?

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Usually a good book will pull together the concepts of both Pre and Post flop play in a coherent way, so take a look at the suggestions at Classic Books for Texas Hold'Em for a good starting point. – Toby Booth Feb 14 '13 at 11:10

As well as the link Toby has suggested above take a look a the following:

The last one is a quiz. There are a lot of useful quizzes on this site. If you dont already have an account I would recommend that you sign up and give some of them a go.

Hope some of these links are useful

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No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice is the textbook on this subject, and it would be the place I would start reading first.

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