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I am confused. What is the EV difference between a donk bet and a check raise? In which cases is it better to be donk betting and in which cases is it better to check raise?

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This is an important question. It's discussed on many sites and forums. I don't want to copy-paste the text as it would be my own, so:

HERE you can find the summarized pros and cons of donkbet and check-raise.

And HERE are a good list of the situations when to use them.

To understand the second link, You must understand first polarization. You can find info HERE about it.

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This really depends on many factors.

This is the thought process though:

-Fold equity difference between check raise & and donk bet.
-Line consistency with represented range(Do I want villain to call or fold? Which line best represents the range I want to represent for him to fold/for him to call?).
-Pot growth potential vs villain call frequency.
-What will I do if my donk bet gets raised?
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