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I would like to start to play poker at casino near my home. I usually play on line. I would like to know which are, in your opinion, the most important tells to take care at brick and mortar poker.

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Probably the chip glance as the flop, turn, or river come out. Indicates they hit the flp/t/r in some way and their initial intention is to bet.

A chatty player is almost always a good hand, especially on the river when your contemplating a call against a player.

Shaking hands when betting is usually a monster, not a bluff.

I'm far from an expert but I think most would agree these are ones seen often and are pretty reliable.

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On the flip side, my experience has been that if a player is being really chatty facing a bet and they shove over the top, they rarely have it. – Jacob G Jun 14 '13 at 13:38

Single stand alone tell is really not enough to get any good advantage.

You need to observe, if the player you are focused on try to act and bluff you, or not. Many players just try to hide their emotions and do not act, while many others try to signal tells that are opposite to their hand strength.

Caro's book of poker tells is really great source of information about this topic.

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