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Are there a good computer programs one could use for learning No Limit Texas Hold'em? Many responses say that best way is to play with real oponents but I would like to learn without losing any money in the process

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This question was formed by dividing the original… – boucekv Oct 21 '13 at 8:35
if only there was a typing tutor for poker... – user940 Oct 21 '13 at 23:02
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You can use some ICM-training programs, like: ICM Trainer - it can help you understand how to play late phase of a tournament (when to push/fold).

You can also use some Equity calculators - using those you can understand relative hand strenght in given circumstances. I recommend: Equilab

There are also many programs, which can help you analyze your game. Most of the software I'm thinking about here is designed to help you during the play (by displaying a HUD with your and your opponents stats), but you can also use them to review your previous games (i.e. to find leaks). Examples here would be: Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager.

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This is not a very good answer in my opinion, because the question is about a beginner who wants to learn the game. These suggestions are for advanced players who want to enhance their play, and are just plain wrong for beginners. – wvdz Jun 15 '14 at 19:59

Even if you read all books all strategies ,you will not play that way. you need some practice. play for some cent blinds and learn from it. best program to learn poker is : pokerstars.exe

I played some years and when i stop for some time and start again i sometimes still do stupid mistakes. It's simple and easy, you need practice to stay good.

"programs" do not exist. afaik.

but you can register at and even win something for free i guess :)

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I have bought and am utilizing Poker Genius ( to learn Texas Hold’em. As a successful Blackjack card counter for 25 years I know the value of meaningful practice and Poker Genius training software is the best I have found. Not only can I play realistic games from a technical standpoint, but I can play against a variety of life-like opponents. I can learn card playing strategy while also becoming adept at learning to “read” and react to the other players. Let’s face it – not playing against the house as in other table games introduces a whole new dimension to poker. Poker Genius has modeled this aspect of the game wonderfully, giving you a variety of table playing scenarios, while allowing you the flexibility to create your own table scenarios, even to the point of creating your own specific opponents. As you play the other players learn your style and react accordingly just like in real money games. The Poker Genius statistical analyzation reports are a wealth of information guiding you to your strengths and weaknesses. There are many other benefits too numerous to list, I suggest you download their free trial. Take a few hours to read the well written user manual and try some games yourself. I received timely, thorough responses from their support department when I e-mailed several times with questions. (I am in no way connected with this company – I am just a serious student of the gambling games I play.)

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If it's just about not loosing money, you should try Play Chips on PokerStars. Once you manage to build up a nice stack of play chips and hold on to it, you should also be able to do the same at the pennypoker that PokerStars offer.

There are as of yet no robots that play any kind of proper No Limit Holdem. The only thing you could learn from playing against robots like that are bad habits.

Read books, read and post on forums and practice a lot. That's the only recipe to become good at the game.

And once you've become a little bit proficient, you can start using software to enhance your game like the accepted answer suggests, but these are not tools for beginners, and will not help to learn the game.

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I don't recommend not using money, learn how to play the basics from books. then set yourself a spending limit IE £20, deposit that into a good site and play. trying to lose as little as you can out of maximum hands, without playing too tight. When you're not using money you don't make decisions that you would do realistically and it doesn't feel right. You learn best from mistakes and when you're losing fake money; you're not really making mistakes.

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