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Are there a good computer programs one could use for learning No Limit Texas Hold'em? Many responses say that best way is to play with real oponents but I would like to learn without losing any money in the process

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if only there was a typing tutor for poker... –  Gracchus Oct 21 '13 at 23:02
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You can use some ICM-training programs, like: ICM Trainer - it can help you understand how to play late phase of a tournament (when to push/fold).

You can also use some Equity calculators - using those you can understand relative hand strenght in given circumstances. I recommend: Equilab

There are also many programs, which can help you analyze your game. Most of the software I'm thinking about here is designed to help you during the play (by displaying a HUD with your and your opponents stats), but you can also use them to review your previous games (i.e. to find leaks). Examples here would be: Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager.

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Even if you read all books all strategies ,you will not play that way. you need some practice. play for some cent blinds and learn from it. best programm to learn poker is : pokerstars.exe

I played some years and when i stop for some time and start again i sometimes still do stupid mistakes. It's simple and easy, you need practice to stay good.

"programms" do not exist. afaik.

but you can register at pokerstrategy.com and even win something for free i guess :)

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