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Obviously verbal declarations using standard language (e.g. "I bet $20") is binding in most casinos. However, sometimes players get a little "cute" with their choice of language. For instance, when one player has another covered, he might say "I'll put you all-in" or "I'll force you all-in" when he intends to bet all that the other player has (the more correct language would be for the big stack to just go all-in himself). Obviously a bettor cannot force another player all-in (the short-stacked player can just fold), so is such a declaration a binding action?

I recently witnessed a different example. A player bet $35 on the flop and was called. On the turn he uttered "same bet" before clumsily grabbing and moving forward 5 red chips. When he went back to add 2 more chips, the dealer indicated that his declaration of "same bet" was not a real bet and that adding chips after the initial bet of $25 would therefore be a string bet. Is this ruling about non-standard language correct, or does it maybe depend on house rules?

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This things should be declared in the "house rules". Same for the muck rule, if you can muck losing hands without showing after paying the river. Or if it's allowed to show one of your cards in middle of the game to the opponent. etc. etc.

You should always put all your chips together over the betting line in casinos. Because in the end it doesn't matter if you said what you wanted to bet, if no one hears that exactly. With putting all neccessary chips at once to the right place you are always in a good position regarding any problems of missunderstanding. Then you always have to remove the chips you put in later. For that reason i always say a number i want to bet or raise. So everybody knows whats going on.

All in all I would say it's not allowed to say "same bet", because if someone doesn't remember the exact bet (and the chips from the last bet are of course moved to the middle of the table already) he might only see the first chips going over the betting line and than the person who puts in the chips can see the reaction. And than move another one in. Some people play with earphone and they wont hear always what you say and for them it looks like a string bet, which is not allowed.

to protect yourself, don't do that. People won't like you on the table anymore after you fight for your position in such a situation as well.

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I personally try to avoid ambiguous language like I described, but my opponent at the table might not, so I'd like to know what the rules are :) –  Michael McGowan Oct 29 '13 at 2:25
as i said, every casino has house rules. It's a game about big money believe me everything is defined there ;) had much trouble already...(but i was not involved, just saw it) –  RayofCommand Oct 29 '13 at 9:25

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