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Following up on an article I read in the NY Times I've learned that the best limit hold'em bots are better than the best humans. My understanding is that for each game state they reach these bots must be computing a set of weights, summing to one, for the set of available actions, a subset of { check, call, bet, raise, fold }. My question is, is there a decently-strong computer program available that I can play poker against and be able to query it for what multistrategy it would play if it were in my shoes? I'm emboldened by the NY Times article saying that the bot they're writing about is a winning video poker player even without adapting to the tendencies of its opponent.

There's good information here but its targeted to people looking to write their own bots, not learn from them.

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There are no publicly available AIs to practice against and train with at the level I'm afraid. If you're looking for an AI to play against you can look at Poker Academy, their site has been up and down in recent years but that considered the best limit AI publicly available. Their no limit AIs are rubbish however.

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Unfortunately it looks like Poker Academy's web page is currently in the down state. However, it links to Poker Genius which does claim to provide "action frequencies." –  kuzzooroo Feb 7 at 4:57
Poker Academy is "down" in the sense that the company is out of business. Poker Genius claims to be the de facto replacement, but I haven't tried it. –  Ed Cottrell Feb 13 at 8:22

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