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Every month I have a poker evening at my home with friends. Until now we played just on a common table (not poker table).

Now I want buy something like a folding poker table. But I am not sure if this is a good idea or if I should spend much more money for a real poker table.

I have limited space so I thought a folding poker table is good enough - but I am not sure, because of this one folding line, marked red in the picture. Do cards stuck there or is this 'break' in the table no problem?

Do you have any experiences with such folding poker tables and can recommend them?

enter image description here

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It realy depends on the quality of the table. I played in many tables and some of them had problem because of that fold. When you dealt cards they would stuck there or turn around. But since you only play once a month i'd still recommend you to take that one since it's pretty cheap. There's still the possibility to buy a poker mat. –  Marcio Feb 28 at 15:13
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