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Situation in NLHE tournament: One player was betting on heads up river and got called. He mucked his hand and said "The pot is yours." Does the second player have to show his hand to claim the pot?

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No the second player does not have to show his hand. If a muck is allowed than he does not have to show.

This should again be written in the "house rules". In some Casinos every hand has to be shown at a paid river. Last action shows first. Calling is not an action. So the guy who bets / raises lasts should show first.

But if he is allowed to muck his hand, why shouldn't apply the same rule for you after taking the pot? ;)

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Second player wants to take the pot, that might be a reason we mucking could be disallowed. –  Drunix May 30 at 11:32
if the first player is already mucked and out there is only one player in. It's the same situation as if everybody folds and the bb stays in. And BB doesn't have to show ;) –  RayofCommand May 30 at 11:34
But in this case the big blind actually has made a forced bet that was not called by anybody. So I don't think that's the same situation. If you raise is not called it's clear you don't have to show. –  Drunix May 30 at 11:38
ok. anyway if muck is allowed for one player, it's allowed for the others as well, so he doesn't have to show. If muck is not allowed everybody has to show at paid river. –  RayofCommand May 30 at 11:39

I don't think you would have to show your hand in this situation.

Not sure why anyone would muck their hand without seeing what their opponent had though. Even if you were playing something stupid, you could still have a better hand than that of your opponent.

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If he had shown his hand, the other players might have linked this hand to his play and he wanted to avoid that. I guess it's quite obvious this was a bluff, so maybe he wanted to avoid the other player to see if his turn raise was semi or pure bluffing. –  Drunix May 30 at 11:18

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