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I am trying to find any kind of cheat sheet that would guide me in which hands should I select to play in 6 players (Texas Hold'em) game.

I believe it will be needed to play more hands, but I am lost in which range we should be talking about.

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Here is a good article on a basic range of hands used in the TAG style:


Basically your range is never fixed, you base your ranges on the style of play you are comfortable with and keep it flexible. One of the best things to do as a poker player is to change gears so whereas you may be a very tight aggressive (TAG) player in general if you find yourself on a table of players who always fold to aggression you should start becoming more of a loose aggressive player (LAG) by throwing more hands into your range.

The opposite is also true, if you find yourself on a table full of aggressive loose players, you should tighten your range and become more strong side weighted.

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To be honest, a cheat sheet wouldn't be that great of an idea simply because there is no standard situation. You could create a cheat sheet based on position but it all depends on how aggressive your opponents are and who raises preflop, how much he raises, in what position is that player, ...

There are just too many factors (parameters) which you have to consider when you make a decision whether to fold, call or raise. In general you can play a little loser than on a full ring table (9 or 10 people) because not that many hands will be that strong. Under The Gun (first person after the blind) you could even try fancy stuff with a low ace or suited connectors. But then again, how does everyone else play on that table. Everything just depends on the situation you're in.

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Thanks for the comment :) I knew this question would bring discussion like this, I was just wondering if somebody had a cheat sheet at least to base some of the decisions :) –  Nobita Jun 6 '14 at 16:55

Google finds a lot of those. You just need to know how to ask. Try this one: http://bit.ly/1hLkwkg

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