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Player A initial raised the bet to 2200, player B re-raises to 5200 player C calls 5200. players D and E fold. Player A shoves all in for 8200. Does it open the betting round for player B to re-raise?

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According to the World Series of Poker No-Limit & Pot-Limit rules page, yes, player B has the option to reraise because it is just enough to reopen the betting round.

All raises must be equal to or greater than the size of the previous bet or raise on that betting round, except for an all-in wager. A player who has already acted and is not facing a fullsize wager may not subsequently raise an all-in bet that is less than the minimum bet (which is the amount of the minimum bring-in), or less than the full size of the last bet or raise. (The half-the-size rule for reopening the betting is for limit poker only.) Example: Player A bets $100 and Player B raises $100 more, making the total bet $200. If Player C goes all in for less than $300 total (not a full $100 raise), and Player A calls, then Player B has no option to raise again, because he wasn't fully raised. (Player A could have raised, because Player B raised.)

So, in this case:

Player A raised to $2200
Player B reraises $3000 to make the total bet $5200
Player C calls $5200
Player D reraises $3000 to make the total bet $8200

Thus, player D only needed to raise $3000 to open the betting round again — which he did.

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