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please correct me if I am wrong:

No Limit Texas Holdem

5 players at the table. Each has bankroll of $1000. SB = $1. BB = $2.

  • Player1 = BTN
  • Player2 = SB
  • Player3 = BB
  • Player4 = UTG1
  • Player5 = MP1


  1. PL2 - sb - $1.
  2. PL3 - bb - $2.
  3. PL4 - call - $2.
  4. PL5 - call - $2.
  5. PL1 - call - $2.


I assume that if PL1 want to do minimum raise he must do:

PL1 - raise - $4.

and preflop must go another turn.

In poker rules is written: Minimum raise: In No Limit Hold'em, the raise amount must be at least as much as the previous bet or raise in the same round.

(On some websites about poker I saw that PL1 must do $5 raise. They say that at first he must put $1 to call and then $4 to raise. I think it is wrong. I do not provide links to that website to avoid spread of potentially incorrect information).

Am I right?

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Since you didn't engage any money yet if you call you would do $2 but the minimum amount for a raise there is $4 since the $2 is from the max amount that was bet in the table and the next amount you can place is $2(max bet)+$2(BB).


Some casino's might have some rules and sometimes they aren't the same as in other casino's.

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