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I have a few years experience playing in the South Florida area and have over heard several locals make the choice of gaming location based off the promotions the particular casino offers. Personally, I believe this is a sign of a "gambler" not really a poker player. As a real poker player would go where the level of competition is ideal for ROI. But, after considering some of the promotions in the area. It is possible to take down 1 promotion and have a profitable evening without needing to grind out several hours of play. What is the proper way of making a gaming location decision for a person who wants to take a pro player mentality at the game?

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What do you consider a "pro-player mentality" is?

As you mention, ROI is perhaps the most important aspect to consider, if poker makes up a significant part of your income. If you can objectively judge what you gain (e.g. Accessibility, Comfort, Money, Social, etc.) by playing in a particular location, then you may feel that you'd be better off playing there. Even monetarily, when taking up the benefits of a promotion being offered. For example, your opponents may not be as easy to beat but, the gain you receive from a promotion may make up for it.

Being professional just means taking a rigorous, critical look at the information that's available to you and using it to achieve work that is consistently qualitatively superior to that of an amateur. In poker terms, using promotions is similar to "bonus-whoring" and, despite it's name, is a great way to increase your ROI.

Why not use these promotions to your advantage!

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