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Has anyone calculated the probabilities of winning/losing heads up matchups of all combinations of two players preflop hands in Texas Hold'em, and if so, can they provide a reference?

I could write the code for working out the probability of these preflop matchups myself, but I found it's not trivial (flushes complicate things) and if someone has already done this I'd rather not re-invent the wheel.

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Try this link, Holdem preflop matchups. It's a zip file of all PF matchups in table form I think.

Other than that, use a search engine using the terms "poker" "hand" "matchups", or some other variation with "preflop" and "probability" in there.

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pokerstove is the thing you are looking for!

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You can also use simple on-line preflop odds calculator.

Basically Q2 is a boundary hand. Anything "above" that is profitable on the distance.

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as far as I know it is Q7 and not Q2. – amigal Oct 22 '12 at 15:45
Use pokerstove! Its Q2s or Q7o – Tomáš Šíma Nov 6 '12 at 17:09

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