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Traditional California player-dealt rules are these: After the initial deal, dealer places a chip on the stub and leaves it on the table before picking up his own cards (of course with a house dealer this doesn't apply). After the first round of betting, each player, in turn, beginning from the dealer's left, declares how many cards he intends to draw. A ...


I generally will fold unless there is no bet to call. Investing in a bad hand generally gets you a negative return. If there is no bet to call in the big blind or it's an ante game, I would hold the highest ranks in the following: suited with a high card A♣5♣ before K♥ 6♥ suited connectors 7⋄ 6⋄ before ...


I like just calling here. You already have position on the raiser, and can narrow him down pretty well. I don't see much benefit in trying to chase out those behind you. The tougher decision is whether to call if he bets after the draw and you don't improve. Raising only makes that later decision more difficult. Glad to know somebody in the world still ...


Raising is not good in this position, just call. Your chances are like 10-20% I forget against aces, and pretty much the same against queens. In general I like to see the flop before raising with jacks just because so many bad things can happen with jacks when you overrate the hand. In a full house position like 10s full of jacks you always raise first, if ...


Draw (high and low) has been played in California clubs for many years with 8 players. Cards are dealt to the players who are drawing until the deck is exhausted (this does not happen very often). Then the discards are shuffled and a card is burned and the remaining players who are drawing get their cards from this shuffled set of discards.


The cards are always dealt from the unseen cards. There are few things that you should take in consideration: The maximum number of players in a draw poker table is 6. the maximum number of draws in the classic game is 1. the maximum number of cards to exchange is 3. As you can see, in the classic game there are 30 cards dealt pre-flop and another 18 ...


I have been playing FL! 5 card draw for about 2-3 months. For FL, I would generally keep Ace or King. I was profitable at 0.2-0.5 level at that time, which was the highest level with more then 2 tables open at that time. (And propably also now...) In NL, I think just throwing away these cards can't be a big mistake, but I have no experience from that.

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