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If it doesn't cost you anything to withdraw or deposit (no fees), I don't see any benefit of keeping a large bankroll online. Plus it could be a form of money management by keeping a % of your bankroll on a site. If you bust and can't buy in over and over, it will force you to take a break by redepositing and hopefully getting of tilt.


I used to have my bankroll split between various sites and my winning on MoneyBookers (called "Skrill" nowadays). Then I ended up keeping my bankroll mostly on one big site and withdrawing my winnings to my bank account. A huge problem with splitting on different sites is that it's great while your clear bonuses (and reload bonuses) but besides that, it's ...


Obviously it is not that good of an idea. Better go to a bank and let your money grow there. However, as a European guy, I have thought about this as well. Since on most poker sites, everything is stored as dollars, you could basically deposit an amount when the euro/dollar ration is low and then withdraw your money when the ratio changes in a positive way. ...


I would say you should only keep on there, what you don't mind losing, just in case anything was ever to go wrong. I would also stick to the bigger sites to be honest, less chance of them going broke etc. When i win big i tend to take at least half of it out and pay off some bills etc.

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