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Your call preflop was good as you had the desired multi-way pot for set-mining. What i don't like is the donk bet against 3 opponents. These types of bets against multiple opponents are showing great strength, exactly what you don't wish to show right now! Give the aggressor a chance to C-bet this pot and some others to call. C-bets are more easily called ...


I would play 99 in early position. I would do a standard raise from this position. If the flop contains a 9 you are golden. Anything below 9 you still have good odds. Anything above a 9 could be in your range (at least my range) for early position play.


The one with the dealer button always acts last in post-flop play and the big blind is last in pre-flop play. Therefore, since in heads-up the small blind had the dealer button, Danny acts first pre-flop and last post-flop. This is one of the reasons heads-up is verry different from multiplayer matches.


I would definitely play 99 from any position (or even 88 from UTG). The hand itself is certainly not a strong one if it remains unimproved and pre-flop it might be near the bottom of my range (depending on table dynamics) but I don't think it's ever unplayable. Like all hands I will play, if I'm first to open (I'm either UTG or it's been folded to me), I'm ...


For me, the best way to play Aces is to sometimes limp-in and other times raising preflop. In the games I play, if I raise 15 to 20 it doesn't surprise me to to get 3 to 5 callers. The problem I run into, is let's say I get 3 callers of 20 dollars, now there 80 in the pot and, even with a good flop for Aces, it's so hard to know where my opponents are at. ...


When faced with what you believe to be a tough play such as this one it is helpful to review the hand and narrow your opponents range. You did not give specifics (it would be helpful to know action), but lets assume this is a 10 handed game and take some liberties to demonstrate. UTG +2 raises to $20 (4xBB) in this spot we can often assume he is playing a ...

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