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In cash playing 99 is completely and utterly standard in full ring utg and utg+1 and anyone who tells you different is a complete and utter nit. In an MTT it could be a fold if certain ICM effects are present.


I would definitely play 99 from any position (or even 88 from UTG). The hand itself is certainly not a strong one if it remains unimproved and pre-flop it might be near the bottom of my range (depending on table dynamics) but I don't think it's ever unplayable. Like all hands I will play, if I'm first to open (I'm either UTG or it's been folded to me), I'm ...


My answer is no 99 against 7 random hands is 19% or about 4:1 There is a saying You win small pots with marginal hands and lose big pots And in this case it is so true Position, position, position Even if you hit a set you lose 1 bet by being out of position As first to act you don't know how many are going to be in the pot If you get 3 bet you ...


I would play 99 in early position. I would do a standard raise from this position. If the flop contains a 9 you are golden. Anything below 9 you still have good odds. Anything above a 9 could be in your range (at least my range) for early position play.

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