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Fold preflop. Q6 is not a hand you want to be opening with from first position as you said you were in.


What was your position ? Q♥6♥ is a hand I would've only played only for a steal (maybe) or in SB (also maybe). It's less than an average hand. The fact also you got 3 callers sounds like you were in a very loose table. I expect at least one out there to have a better Q than yours. CBet was reasonable, but the bet size was plain wrong in my ...


Be very, very careful with overly aggressive play and all-ins in the manner you describe. Two primary things jump out at me from your question: For most of the hands you mentioned, you must, must get multi-way action. All of the hands you mention need a lot of pre-flop odds and implied odds for you to make the profitable over the long term. It's ironic in ...


This is a general question about specific hands, so my answer depends on my general style. Also about stacks, there's no small or medium on cash games. In fact, you should enable the auto reload feature to always refill your stack to 100 BB so you can never be short stack. If you don't do this, then you're not play optimal from the very start, regardless the ...

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