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General dead-button or forward-moving-button rules apply when three or more players remain. When you get down to two players, whoever most recently paid the big blind posts the small blind, the other player posts the big blind, and the button is moved under the small blind.


Blinds are the essence of poker games. All strategy is built on the basis of stealing the money that are already in the pot (Dead money). Without the blinds, a player can fold every hand but Aces, thus (in the long term) would never lose money. Now, there are different setups to achieve that, like big and small blinds, two big blinds, blinds with antes, ...


There are multiple problems with the proposal that 1 player put up 1.5xBB rather than as it is actually played. a $1-$2 game would then just become a more expensive game as now it would cost $3 to limp, and $6 to (min) raise rather than $2 and $4. Having 2 blinds gives 2 players equity in the pot rather than just one presumably creating more action. A ...


Anyone who sits out just to skip the blinds doesn't understand what's really happening. If you sit out and miss both blinds, once the button gets to you, you'll have to pay both blinds before you're even dealt cards. Same if you skip the SB. You are absolutely not getting a free ride through. Sometimes it may seem like you get by without paying, but it will ...

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