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Your question is a great example of some of the math that you need to carry out at the table. The first part is to know the value you're getting from the situation. Since Gus is calling a smaller amount than what's in the pot, there's an overlay available. To do this you take the pot divided by the amount you have to call: 5200/2200 = 2.36. You can express ...


I would suggest you have a read up on Pot Odds Here are a few sites: Pot Odds Wikipedia The Poker bank pot odds Hopefully these will help you understand.


I have read the book completely. You really need some math knowledge and understanding to be able to follow everything completely. Also, you need to be able to understand the English language enough to be able to understand everything clearly. Is the book worth the price? In my opinion not. However, if you are already on a high level and playing semi ...


This book was revolutionary when it was released because it was the first to correctly demonstrate how to do EV calcs against a range of hands. That information is widely available now however. So the book is not really worth so much today. At the time of release though it was worth that much to mid stakes professionals looking to improve their ...

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