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The basic book is "how to read a hand" of Ed Miller. You can find the first here One most advanced and most general is "Let there be range" of South and Nguyen. You can find the last here Update: In "Harrington on online cash games : 6-max no-limit hold'em" there is a great chapter on hand reading.


The best books for novice is basically anything from David Sklansky, especially "No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice" As you get more advanced, you need to tailor the sources you read to game you play. If you play SNG, then you need to read about SNG. Collin Moshman wrote rally great books covering SNG and heads up situation. If you play tournaments, ...


This is a topic covered with plenty of examples at most decent poker training sites, such as Card Runners, Deuces Cracked, or Grinderschool. Most of those will require a paid subscription. Full disclosure: I own Grinderschool. You can find a list of our videos pertaining to hand reading through our keyword search: 70+ videos on reads, 40+ videos on hand ...

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