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Whomever had the most chips at the beginning of the hand places best in the tournament. The number of players or tables does not matter, it just the same as three people going all in on a single table and two bust out. Whomever had the most chips at the beginning of the hand places highest. On the bubble the same thing, if there are 101 players left and ...


Villain's range is weighted toward Qx given his lack of interest in maximizing fold equity, so you're something like 32% to win and being given 2730:1170 = 30%, slightly correct pot odds to call chip-equity wise. If you fold, your money equity via ICM is $411. If you commit, 32% of the time your stack will be 7,130 against 2,870, for a money equity of $585,...


I agree about your bubble math for sattelite and R/A tournaments. The general idea is that if you are on regular MTT bubble, in the money already, or even on the final table (doesn't metter) - you should tend to get the highest place. And take appropriate risk. I mean the distribution of prize places you get should be in favor of the first and last ...


I realize its the bubble and I think opening the BTN really wide here is fine, but I'm pretty sure this is a fold preflop. As for the flop it's really close but a fold since he might even do this with 5x or mid pairs if he decides not to shove them preflop.

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