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There are a lot of questions outstanding in this, but a couple of things jump out at me. It's a micro-limit play money game - people will play anything Your raise to 2x BB with multiple limpers is WAY too small. It's too small of a raise to be considered a raise, really, even in a big real-money cash game. The pot-odds almost dictate that the other ...


The generally accepted response to playing against loose players is to tighten up. It's not easy to do, because it's hard to watch hand after hand being won with K8o and other garbage, but the numbers back you. Change your strategy once you have a much better read of the players around you.


I would not be surprised by the looseness in live 6-max; people there are only playing 1-table where online you can be against knowledgable multitablers playing more than 8-tables at once and being more tight than usual, although you're still in a very aggressive game type (6-max), regardless it's live or online. You should continue using the exact same ...

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