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This doesn't apply universally, but anywhere that uses the TDA rules would use this: 34: Misdeals A: Misdeals include but are not necessarily limited to: 1) 2 or more boxed cards on the initial deal; 2) first card dealt to the wrong seat; 3) cards dealt to a seat not entitled to a hand; 4) a seat entitled to a hand is dealt out; 5) In stud, if any ...


In this case absolutely it's a misdeal from every place I've ever worked. But once every player has gotten a card the situations for a misdeal change. I have worked in some places that will call it a misdeal regardless of when a card is exposed during the deal, I.E. button's last card exposed, misdeal. Likewise I have worked in places where after every ...


You deal the cards normally until each player has 5, then the player in FL gets his other 8 cards. If you are playing Pineapple you give the FL player an extra card, which will be his/her's discard card. Side bit you may also want to know is that a FL hand is technically a continuation of the last hand, which means button does not move while FL occurs.


Create a token that you can use as a "dealer button." Something that indicates the dealer position, and let someone else deal for him (player who just dealt, for example). Poker is a game for everyone. Make it so he can play.

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