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I don't think you will find any "official" rules about this situation because in most "official" poker tournaments/cash games the players do not deal themselves anyway. It would be a bad idea to skip his deal because, as you already pointed out, this would disturb the seating positions. Just have someone deal for him - in the right order of course ...


The hand should proceed, and UTG+3's hand should be declared dead. The answers that say this is a misdeal are flat out wrong. So much action has already happened in the hand that it makes absolutely no sense to declare a misdeal unless you're using some very particular (and bad) house rules that everyone has had access to. In particular, in Robert's Rules ...


This is a miss deal. You can't just penalize the player who got dealt an extra card and continue play as if all is well. Once it has been declared a miss deal all players muck their cards (a few players usually complain because they have an ace/pair in their hand). Then the hand is re-dealt in the same position as if the miss deal didn't happen

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