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A redraw generally tends to mean that you have the best hand, and you have a draw to another bettwe hand. In Texas Hold 'Em, the best example would be a set on the flop. If you get all-in against a flush draw, even though they have a draw to a better hand (a flush), you have a re-draw to a hand that can beat their draw (a full house). The term is more ...


Villain's range is weighted toward Qx given his lack of interest in maximizing fold equity, so you're something like 32% to win and being given 2730:1170 = 30%, slightly correct pot odds to call chip-equity wise. If you fold, your money equity via ICM is $411. If you commit, 32% of the time your stack will be 7,130 against 2,870, for a money equity of ...


For an open-ended straight draw, there are exactly 8 cards that will give you your straight: 4 of each suit at the low end, and 4 of each suit at the high end. However, to make a flush, you have 9 cards available that will make your flush, as there are 13 cards to a suit, and you have 4 of them in your hand. At 3 cards to the set (again assuming an outside ...


It depends on your impressions of your opponent, if he's tight he wouldn't ever call your bets on the flop and turn with only a draw. In that case bet because he has something and he's willing to call with what he has and you have him beat. If he's a loose player then he could have the flush. If you check he'll bet on the river 9 times out of ten. You have ...


Say you have two pair on the flop and your opponent has a flush draw. On the turn they hit their flush and you don't improve; you have a redraw to a full house.


People are puzzled by this because it is easier to make a straight starting to with two straight cards (8% of the time) than a flush starting with two flush cards (6% of the time). But GIVEN four of a flush on the flop and four to a straight (open-ended on both sides) it is easier to make the flush (35% of the time from the flop) than the straight (32% of ...


I realize its the bubble and I think opening the BTN really wide here is fine, but I'm pretty sure this is a fold preflop. As for the flop it's really close but a fold since he might even do this with 5x or mid pairs if he decides not to shove them preflop.

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