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No. The player with KQ would win the whole pot. The winner of the pot is the player who can make the best 5-card hand from the 7 possible cards -- 5 board cards plus their two hole cards. Player 1 has KQ, so his 7 cards are KKKQ642. Ignoring suits, the best possible hand here is KKKQ6, or trip kings with a queen kicker. Player 2 has K9, so his 7 cards ...


You're looking at it from the skewed perspective where you already have four cards toward your goal. When you look at it from the point of view where you have five random cards, it's less likely that they will form a flush than a straight. So, it's more difficult to even get the four-flush than the open-ended straight draw. The odds for getting a flush ...


You have 3 pots $40 - player1, player2, player3, player4 $120 - player2, player3, player4 $100 - player3, player4 Hand order 1 - Player1 Player2 tie 9933A 2 - Player3 Player4 tie 3322A Player1 and Player 2 split the $40 pot Player2 wins the $120 pot Player3 and Player4 spit the $100 pot


I think it is marginal to play that from the BB 8-9 suited would be been (maybe) OK Preflop you were getting 3.5 : 2 A flush has the chance of stacking an aggressive player You would be playing it for the implied odds But since you only started the hand with like $65 you don't even have that great of implied odds You were getting pot odds to call the $6 ...

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