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The decision is based on the extra equity you gain in the tournament if you win. In the first instance, you have an 80% chance at a 600bb stack, and a 20% chance at not cashing. Your ROI with a 600bb stack would need to go up based on that stack to make the call worthwhile. The breakeven point is .8 * 300% * advantage + .2 * 300% * 0 = 300% The left side ...


You should break it into disjoint (non-overlapping) cases, and find the probability that you win with each case, and then add them up: Case 1. Heart on turn Occurs 8/45 times and your probability of winning is 0 Case 2. 8 (not heart) on turn Occurs 3/45 times and your probability of winning is 6/44 (three 3's and three 5's) Case 3. 5 on turn Occurs 3/...


Pokerstove is able to calculate the equity on flop (just don't enter the turn and river cards before calculating the equity) there are plenty of other tools around that do it, I personally use Pokerstrategy Equilab and this does exactly what you are looking for as well.


It is correct to say there are only 3 ways to get the AA, when you do that calculation you get 0.467 The rest of the difference in equity comes from the fact that AKs doesn't have the same equity over all cases of 76o. It depends on whether or not those cards share a suit with the AK. You will get the correct value for equity if you split it into all ...


The graph represents your equity against villain's range. For example, let's say you raise from MP w 55 and the BB calls. Assume he does this with the top 20% of his range. The flop is 763r. Your average equity at this point is 63.5%. The graphs show where this equity comes from.

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