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The reason it is penalized is to stop collusion and giving an unfair advantage to other players. Let me just give you two examples to the above reasons. Player A and player B are working together to try win, this could entail anything from soft playing each other to just straight dumping of chips. So lets just say in a hand we get to the river, maybe 3 ...


Even if you do fold, the question of whether or not the person (and I'm assuming last-preflop-aggressor?) even has an advantage depends on a variety of factors: 1) Board texture. Some boards can be double-edged swords to his "visibility advantage" since his range opens way up on the best boards for him to c-bet, you have to be ready to raise and give them ...


You should be allowed to in un-raised pots preflop maybe? I know folding out of turn in later streets multiway is very bad for someone in the hand, but on the flop in a limped pot that seems like a good place to draw the line no?

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