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CO just call is strange. Should be trying to steal the blinds with any hand worth playing. They could be slow playing a monster but they folded. Getting 5:1 sb would be calling with pretty much anything other than an ace or pair that should raise. I would not raise with Q4 suited. Not a hand you want to invest money in. And then risk play it out of ...


Calling here would be a serious mistake. There are literally no hands that you beat and your flush draw gives you about 20% equity with one card to come. This is the classic overbet shove that you see at the lower stakes with the nuts as I suggest in my first book.


There are a number of decisions here, let's review them one at a time: CO and SB limp in to a BB with Qx suited and the hero calls I'd say this is the first mistake here. I would raise this to 3.5 bigs to weed out any 9x or Tx hands. Folks will limp in on just about anything. Unless you have extensive notes on a villain, you can assume they have any ...

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