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No. The player with KQ would win the whole pot. The winner of the pot is the player who can make the best 5-card hand from the 7 possible cards -- 5 board cards plus their two hole cards. Player 1 has KQ, so his 7 cards are KKKQ642. Ignoring suits, the best possible hand here is KKKQ6, or trip kings with a queen kicker. Player 2 has K9, so his 7 cards ...


Dealer's hand is flush, K-J-8-5-2. 4th hand (winner) is a full house, aces over nines. Dealer beats everything else given. 4th hand: Full House - Wins A⋄A♣A♥9⋄9♠ Dealer: Flush - Second 2⋄5⋄8⋄J⋄K⋄


I am actually a long time coach at the first site linked above, DragTheBar. While I have been on a hiatus (not making videos) for awhile I would definitely recommend it as it has one of the deepest libraries of any training site online and is also now mostly or all free, I believe. Hard to beat that. There are many good forums out there, some of which were ...


Alec Torelli has a great insight into the game. He has a great YouTube channel that does a lot of strategy analysis. The way he breaks down tricky hands explaining what has/should have happened is outstanding. The channel leans toward medium/advanced players. Here is the link:


If you want to try a tool where you can actually practice poker and get immediate feedback on your results, you should try: . Other websites only offer you theoretical reading, or video tutorials, but no actual practicing.

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