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For a serious poker book, this isn't the most expensive I've seen. Shootaa (Reid Young) has a book out for around $5k and when it came out it honestly may have been worth the price. The fact is that these tips will allow you to improve your game so much that you'll make more than the price of book in a relatively short period of time. Granted, this is ...


There's no way such a price makes any sense. With that money, you can get 20 or 30 other books written by world famous and world champion players; with the help of those books you will definitely improve your game if you're serious about doing it. No matter how good it is, the price is just unjustified. I don't know if I remember correctly, but I think not ...


Oh yeah, it's got decent content in it, but nothing you won't find if you search through the twoplustwo high stakes forums pretty diligently. Also, no one can put the skills in your brain FOR you. You have to be willing to dig heavily into the math and game theory yourself. The book, "The Mathematics of Poker" is really good for this.

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