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There are 5 limpers and the pot is around 18 already and you are oop. Prefold raise to 25 at least! As played the pot is around 80, bet 50-60 and fold to a shove. 7 hands are watching the flop, probably you lost and as played the pot is quite small, let it go!


As other have noted, you should work on your betting size. It appears you were in the small blind and there were a lot of limpers; with your $12 raise, it may have the benefit of getting some more money in the pot when it's likely you have the best or one of the better hands, but the problem is that you are at a huge handicap in having to play out the rest ...


Just some comments/questions to maybe make you ask yourself some questions about your play. Also it's good to add to the discussion. Was the 12$ raise working throughout the night? I assume your goal was to thin the field to heads-up? It just seems odd that you get 6 calls. To me that says one of two things. Firstly that raise size doesn't work for the ...


Why did you only bet 1/3 the pot on that flop. You are just inviting flush draws to stay in and you are out of position. You need to bet at least 1/2 the pot to find out where you are and chase off flush draws. Preflop villain just limped and then call a raise. He was getting pot odds to call about anything. AA or KK should have raised. Since 5 ...

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