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With no draws on the board except gutshots, you're probably not going to be ahead here. He will likely call the river since he called the turn (if he had you beat), so betting is probably not a great move. I would check and fold to a reasonable bet.


Well, the raise that the SB made preflop is quite big, so he either has a big hand or it's a stone-cold bluff. The bet on the flop is also big, so I would put him on either a big pocket pair (tens or bigger) or, again, a bluff. The bluff is possible/probable because of the dry flop. Also, I think a set is not out of the question, but less likely. On the ...


I'd fold this hand PF. You are playing heads-up OOP with a hand that does not fare well against her range, and is unlikely to win any decent pots with the bare TP. You other actions are fine by me: The call on the flop: Folding here to the standard CBet would make no sense - what did you want to flop? And why wouldn't she bet a King dry flop with her ...


I think SoboLAN gave a lot of great analysis in his answer. There are two major things that I have to add: With 10 outs, we have about 35% equity against most of our opponent's range (excluding, obviously, the hands that we are already ahead of). That's nothing to sneeze at. If there were no more money behind, we could expect a positive return on calling a ...


If we bet here, we are doing it as a bluff. Worse hands will fold. With that in mind, what better hands can we fold out with a bet? Perhaps some Ax, but not necessarily. Therefore, we should check. Now, how about if he bets? Since we have no reads, I will assume he is playing straight-forward and will never double float us. What hands will bluff? There are ...


first thing to note is that the villain in this hand is almost certainly a weaker player. secondly, its a very easy 4b against most people in this spot, and mandatory vs this kind of opponent. thirdly, its a pretty straightforward shove here. you have good equity even vs a tight range, and he will probably call a shove here with any Ax, any flush draw as ...


Checkfolding here is amazingly bad, why do you even bet the turn if you are going to fold to a river that changed nothing? Put in a blocking bet.

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