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Should Hero have called villain's pre-flop raise, re-raised, or folded? The only thing you can do is call. You've labelled Villian as tight-aggressive and he's made a small reraise after you've opened under the gun. This is a fairly strong sign of strength. Let's look at your options: Jamming: KQs is doing badly against the average TAG players range in ...


Your raise size pre is pretty standard, but given you read on the UTG willing to play anything, I would raise slightly larger. Flop: shove is standard, any bet is effectively a shove anyways since you cannot bet/fold. You have a SPR(Stack to pot ratio) of 1.16 to the BB and greater than 1:1 against the UTG. Checking the flop is just bad.


You definitely should not "gamble" every time with a top pair but if you often play against "loose bots" you should be prepared to do it more often. For the specific hand I think the raise preflop is good. The only argument to make it bigger would be that you are out of position but even then I would not make it more than 0.7$ (0.6 is perfectly fine) On ...


As valentin said - A lot of players will say checking is a bad play So I will try to justify that point :). My plan would be to bet a bit more than 50% on flop and push any turn. Since noone 4 bet preflop on a loose table its safe to assume noone has AA,KK (and probably JJ). This means that there is almost no hand from the tight player you are affraid ...


The hand should proceed, and UTG+3's hand should be declared dead. The answers that say this is a misdeal are flat out wrong. So much action has already happened in the hand that it makes absolutely no sense to declare a misdeal unless you're using some very particular (and bad) house rules that everyone has had access to. In particular, in Robert's Rules ...


This is a miss deal. You can't just penalize the player who got dealt an extra card and continue play as if all is well. Once it has been declared a miss deal all players muck their cards (a few players usually complain because they have an ace/pair in their hand). Then the hand is re-dealt in the same position as if the miss deal didn't happen


Hero's flop bet is terrible, IMO. You made only bad arguments for betting on the flop. Do you want villain to fold on the flop? Really? why? Which hands do you want him to fold? pre-flop I'm almost always calling villain's 3bet (depends on table conditions, which you didn't specify). KQs is a good hand, which does well in this spot, both if more players ...

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