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The logic of the question is on the wrong basis whatsoever. Mathematics are essential to poker, but if you try to apply them without taking into account all the other parameters you end up with simplistic dogmas, such as "You never fold kings preflop" or "If I have an ace on the button, I must open" etc. To try to approach your question, imagine a very ...


Poker hands have FIVE cards. Exactly five, no more, no fewer. In flushes and no-pair hands, all five count toward value. J-8-7-5-4 beats J-8-6-5-4.


I think you played fine. Villain had nothing and you got him to pay off 0.46 on the river. Certainly a hand to call with from the blinds. No reason to bet the flop out of position on a draw. I would have checked the turn hoping to get the villain to bet. You don't want to announce you made the flush. On the river you put out a proper sized value bet. ...


I would lead the turn here because I would do so with plenty of other hands as well after the flop went check/check. You should also be mixing in some donk leads on the flop as well. Basically if you are going to flat OOP against what is probably a decent player (given the description) you need to be more active in taking away pots and especially in getting ...

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