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the players will be better at the higher stakes. holdem has a huge variance. do not move up until you can beat the small game for at least 8bb/100. the higher your win rate is, the lower your variance will be. good luck.


Crushing Short Stacks - The Playbook. (http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=270932&postcount=31) Against All Short Stacks Be prepared for increased variance. Remember effective stacks - Your stack is only as big as theirs. Expect to play only preflop and flop. Adjust calling range to stack size when calling pushes. Smaller stacks need less ...


If on the button and nobody has called, try to steal the blinds, if in early and middle position and nobody has raised limp. If in early middle position and somebody raised fold. If in the blinds and somebody is raising very late or on the button, make a call. If somebody raises in early to middle position, this hand is a fold. Raising this hand in early ...


You played the hand just fine. Your open-raise was standard play. You get a call from the BTN which may translate to either: a loose player having potential hands (eg. K8s, 75s, J9s, Q8o) a tight player with average or good holding that can't re-raise like AT a small to middle pair a position-wise call. He saw you raised from MP, so he lure you out after ...

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