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The only way to lose with a King high straight flush is to a royal flush of the same suit. That means that the KQJT must all be community cards. The last community card is either the 9 or you have it as a pocket card. Case 1: 9 is on the board. The odds of this are the same as getting dealt a royal flush in 5 card stud: 20/52 * 4/51 * 3/50 * 2/49 * 1/48 ...


The player at your table is an idiot, obviously. Under his theory player B that raised the $500 bet to $1000 with 2 $500 chips should not have been allowed either since by removing one of his $500 chips wouldn't constitute a legal raise. He is completely misinterpreting the rule. The rule is simple. If you are facing a bet and throw in multiple chips, it is ...


A. 2♣ 8♥ 9♥ - 5♥ - T♥ B. 6♥ 7♥ C. J♥ Q♥


I think the player at your table was misinterpreting the rule. This is a raise. Rule 43 states: a multiple-chip bet is a call if there is not one chip that can be removed and still leave at least the call amount. To me, this says that in order for it to be considered a call, there cannot exist a situation where one chip is removed and the resulting ...

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