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Depends on how many players are sitting at the table. The number of the possibilities is: 52! / (47-(2*p))! the p stands for how many players are currently sitting at the table.


It turns out that each shuffled deck is in the order that may have never before existed in the history of the universe! :) The odds of you getting two 52 card decks arranged in the exact same order are 52! ~= 8 x 10^67, which is waaay more than the number of atoms on Earth (~ 10^50). For a detailed explanation, please check out a great video answer on ...


I get about once every 325 hands. Not that uncommon.


You need more training not the dealers. Actually its neither, it is the people who set policy on the amount of time a deck is used, the policy for replacing stored cards etc. that could use a little more training. When a shuffle is poor, the cards are being shuffled into fairly big clumps. Now since the dealer deals one card at a time, if the deck is clumpy ...


The rule I always use and that is easy to understand is this : Count your outs. To know your odds when you are on the flop and the turn is coming then multiply your outs by 2. If you have an open ended straight draw it's gonna be 8 outs * 2 = 16% to hit your out on the turn. If you want TURN+RIVER then it's times 4 (2 cards to come). so in this case if you ...

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