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Right...Agree with dom that at higher stakes where my edge is in the negative I want value for my $...so even if I get knocked out on the bubble I feel I have at least "paid for" some high stakes experience. If I cash I am over the moon...I have "been paid" for the lesson I received! For large field turbos Id want to miss no more than half of the hour late ...


I would suggest that you slowly build up to this amount of tables rather than diving into it all at once. If you are timing out like you say then this is a sign that you are playing way too many tables. You should play the amount right now that allows you to make good quality decisions but not get bored. Then add one at a time as you get used to it. gl!


You are abusing the term 'dead money'. Dead money is used to describe the entree fees from players who have virtually no chance of winning the tournament. If you are a profitable player, your entree fee is never dead money. Whether you actually cash in the tournament doesn't come in to this. This boils down to a certain mindset required in playing ...


Some people on here mention state and federal laws and jurisdiction, however, everyone knows you can gable in Nevada and no feds are gonna come busting up the casino. I figured I would post here as the last post with good information was from a couple years ago. In Nevada, and possibly some parts of New Jersey, you can play online poker legally if you ...

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