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It is a lot about strategy and there are also a lot of other variations, like Pineapple Open Face Chinese. You can also read a lot about Open Face Chinese Strategy on TwoPlusTwo


Since it is very hard to shoot the moon in POFC, other players do not scoop you if you get there. So you gain 20 points from each player. Otherwise the risk you take would (by far) not be worth the outcome. (Imo, I think that 20 points from each player is still not enough to make this play profitable.)


I just tried the game a few days and tried to learn some strategies but for me it's a fun game but way too complicated to start playing it seriously. Since it's a pretty new game for most of us people didn't have the time to come up with good strategies (or at least no one is sharing them). Like Barry Greenstein said in an interview "I've lost a lot of ...

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