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"Table stakes" rules are essentially as old as poker itself. My copy of Foster's Practical Poker (1905) says that some games would allow borrowing or going to pocket, but even then going all in was more common. There was an extra important rule: if you borrowed or went to pocket in order to raise, you were no longer allowed to go all in if reraised, but had ...


Not sure of the name but be aware of the order of hands Count Outcomes Three Card Poker Straight Flush Three of a Kind Straight Flush Pair High Card


PokerStars recently announced a deal with New Jersey to allow players from that state to play, though they'll be playing only against other NJ players and not from the global pool of PokerStars players. At least it's a start. A restart. Officially PokerStars currently does not allow players from the U.S. At some point in the distant past, I remember seeing ...


It is the best 5 card hand. Player 1 has 7,7,Q,Q,J Player 2 has 7,7,Q,Q,9 Player 1 has a better hand, they win the pot.

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