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And you can win money with a lottery ticket. Does not make it a good investment. A lottery ticket has a better rate of return than 42 off suite. Most players will randomly go in with aces or queens. If you have players that will randomly go in then take a stand with a hand that will beat a random hand. 42 off suite beats 72 off suite but that is ...


It's always disappointing to (e.g.) throw away a nice suited hand such as J9d to the early raiser and see three diamonds come out on the flop which would have busted his aces, especially when he goes on to be the chip leader and you bust out without having gotten any better hands. But to answer your question "could I predict that I could win the hand" there ...


In casino poker games, the cards are reshuffled for each hand, so "counting" would be useless. Shuffle tracking might be possible, but the edge from doing so would be dubious. A casino would be wasting its time to look for or prevent such things.

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