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Repeat after me: poker hands have five cards. EXACTLY five cards. No more, no fewer. In Hold'em, each player plays the best 5-card hand he can out of the seven available. Vlad's best 5-card hand is A-8-7-4-2 of clubs. His opponent's best 5-card hand is A-8-7-4-2 of clubs. Split pot. If, perchance, our hero had, say, the 6 of clubs in his hand, then his ...


I don't mean to be condescending. Really I am not! The answer to your question is you should learn to be a good poker player. The best way to learn something is to follow the example of masters. My poker experience started with David Sklansky books. I suggest "No Limit Hold ‘em Theory and Practice by David Sklansky and Ed Miller". You can google other ...


I believe Pokerstars will allow you to play up to 5 play money tables at the same time. You could play on another site at the same time to add more. Most poker rooms will have a cap on the number of play money tables that you can play because you are not a paying customer of theirs and therefore you only get to use so much free bandwidth :)

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