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You remind me of a session I had with a poker coach. He had an interesting take on this same scenario and that's to go all-in on the flop - the call would be a "mistake". Your analysis is right on the odds, and yes, you would be frozen-out on odds if the opponent bet's 1000 into you. The thinking was to avoid the exact scenario you're describing. The all-in ...


Each out you have for your flush draw gives you roughly 2% equity for the turn and river 2.13% for Turn 2.17% for River 4.26% for Turn + River - This is most often used for all-in situations. Pot Odds Chart 1/4 Pot | 16% Equity 1/3 Pot | 20% Equity 1/2 Pot | 25% Equity 2/3 Pot | 28.5% Equity 3/4 Pot | 30% Equity 1 x Pot | 33% Equity 2 x Pot | 40% ...

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