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There are far too many situations you'd need to work out to calculate by hand. 1a. Just for AQo vs P1 & P2 range, the permutations of hand matchups is already huge. P1 range: 40% x 1326 = 530 hands P2 range: 10% x 1326 = 133 hands 530x133 = 70,490 match ups 1b. And each one of those would still be too difficult to calculate for the ...


You always need to consider turn and river bets, yes. It is very important to consider positions. IP, it is much easier to see ways you can make money OTT and OTR, regardless if you hit or miss. OOP it is a bit trickier.


This depends on number of things you have to consider, not only the direct odds. What I mean: The pure odds you calculate should be used if you expect your opponent to check the turn and you see free river. Always calculate implied odds! People usually bet on turn and river! If you expect your opponent to bet on the turn, you have to calculate this too - ...

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