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First of all Poker academy has shut down. Another company took over their website but they are not related to poker academy. There are other better poker bots available tough. I use this Poker Bot, you can get a Free Trial there as well. This bot can be customized. You can make it play however you want. It uses Profiles (scripts) for the decision making. ...


You can play real money poker on both Pokerstars and PKR on android devices. I havent used either on android, but they are both pretty good on iOS.


The best real money poker APP for Android right now is Pokerstars. This software is really well done. The second, in my oppinion is Full Tilt Rush Poker app for Android. Those are the places with more people playing so you find more diversity.


Carbon Poker is another good poker site with a mobile site works well with either Iphone or Andriod products. They also still accept US players which is key for me.


The truth? Depends on which form of poker you're talking about. Heads up limit is near solved. People have successfully developed near equilibrium bots with such fine grained and sophisticated abstractions that they're unbeatable by humans. They've done this using a variety of means, the most widespread being variants of counter factual regret ...


sealswithclubs.eu has a native poker application (available for download on its site) but it requires bitcoins to play. Bitcoins make depositing and withdrawing easy and it is much less frustrating than traditional online poker rooms.

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