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There is certainly a number of applications that constantly scans the screen eg. the game tables, offering real time percentages for anything you might think, winning percentage, push/fold situations etc. That is mostly, screen grabbing then computing the images grabbed with pre-grabbed images to find out what the current screen says. This can translate ...


Another way these cheating apps can provide an unfair advantage is to suggest to the player what action to take in a particular situation, using the statistics it gathered against those opponents. For example, if someone goes all-in, the app might say "You should call this, you'll win in 75 % of cases" or it might say "You should fold, the player is very ...


There's a big number of applications out there, ready to ease your massive multi-tabling such as Table Droid (as mentioned by @XVirtusX) or Table Ninja. Keep in mind that these programs don't not do anything more than positioning your tables, open new ones and may/or not optimize your bets. Poker companies are very picky to extra real-time information like ...


Certainly customizing hotkeys and layouts for automatic table placements on screen is of big help for anyone seriously considering multitabling. I recommend you to use automatic Table Droid. It has all this features and it is free to use playing in microstakes.


I believe Pokerstars will allow you to play up to 5 play money tables at the same time. You could play on another site at the same time to add more. Most poker rooms will have a cap on the number of play money tables that you can play because you are not a paying customer of theirs and therefore you only get to use so much free bandwidth :)


I use my phone for taking notes as most people are used to seeing other players on their phones. It doesn't get other players suspicious about you taking notes. It just looks like you're distracted and texting. Most rooms do not allow you to use your phone at the table, so I just lean back after the hand is over and make my notes. And kudos for taking ...


Some of my gripes on the few sites I've played - YMMV: PokerStars Poor currency conversion rate. Also owns Full Tilt but that has a better conversion rate - go figure. Dreadful rakeback 888 Poor interface, crashy software, cashier problems, very slow support. Full Tilt Laggy at times PKR Charge for cashouts below a certain limit

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