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They must include this button. Imagine the scenario, you sit down at a table and someone comes to the door. Without this button the game would force you to pay the BB out of turn. And you could potentially miss a hand. In order to participate in a round of poker (one full revolution of the dealer button) you must post a BB and a SB. If you skip this ...


This to prevent people from gaining an advantage by coming in for free the not playing the blind when it comes to them. Common rule, although not particularly standard in all venues.


It is just a rule of poker. When you take a seat you must wait for the BB to come to you before you can start playing. Or you can post a BB to start playing immediately. Imagine this scenario. A player stands up when the BB gets to them then sits back down when the SB passes. If they don't pay to play then they have avoided paying the binds. If you ...

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