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Your VP would still be 33% as you could have raised/called when you were in SB and BB - the tracker will only exclude walks where action was folded round to your BB. As for the PFR, this generally means 2-bets so will also be 33% given you raised once out of three hands where you had the option to. Your 3-bet and 4-bet stats are recorded separately and ...


In most card rooms, the raise to $11 is perfectly valid. Some have pointed out here before, though, that some european poker rooms use a different convention where any raise must be double the last bet. In that case, the minimum would be $14.


Nope, a raise is minimum 2x the amount raised. So to the $11 raiser, minimum raise would be: $7 - $3 = $4 raise so he/she could call $7 or raise to a minimum of $7 + the raise, $4.

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