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No, no. The "current bet amount" is 100, the big blind. Each player in turn facing that must call 100 if he can, go all in short if he can't, or raise. The fact that a player went all in short ahead of you does not in any way affect your options. For the next player it's 100 to call, or 200 or more to raise. If a player goes all-in for an exact call, then ...


No. Player 2 can either call by putting in 100 to match the big blind here, or he can raise to any amount 200 (100 big blind + 100) or more. Then players 3 and 4 will have their right to act, during which they can each opt to call, raise, or fold when the action is on them. A player going all-in for less than the blind doesn't eliminate those players' right ...

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