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Two Plus Two would be the most popular. I'm not sure how active they are now, by Liquid Poker was decently big as well. I was also very, very active on the Full Tilt Poker forums before they went down (they may come back up now that the site is running again though). The training sites (in addition to having awesome videos) also tend to have forums (though ...


You're right: this site definitely has potential... if only it would be more popular. Besides books and videos and tutorials, a very good choice is to be part of poker communities. Discussions about poker in these communities vary from beginner to expert, texas hold'em to razz and badugi and much more. So beeing active in such a community can only be good ...


you can also check out the new site of Phil Galfond Run it once which features really good content Good luck


Pokerstove is the de facto tool for Texas Hold'Em odds calculation on the PC.


This tool may help: Equilab It covers the functionality of the popular Pokerstove and offers more analysis. This video provides a walkthrough:

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