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The decision is based on the extra equity you gain in the tournament if you win. In the first instance, you have an 80% chance at a 600bb stack, and a 20% chance at not cashing. Your ROI with a 600bb stack would need to go up based on that stack to make the call worthwhile. The breakeven point is .8 * 300% * advantage + .2 * 300% * 0 = 300% The left side ...


There are thumb rules for the preflop equity (against a single random opponent) of pocket pairs and suited-connected combos. For the equity of a pocket pair, you calculate how many cards away from 2 your cards are (for example, Queens are 10 cards away from 2), multiply by 3 and add 50%. So QQ's preflop equity is approximately: (10 * 3) + 50 = 80% For ...


When holding a pocket pair, you will hit a set one time in 8. That's 12%. Rough math at the table means that you can set-mine if you expect to make 10x your preflop call amount when the set comes (which is going to be a factor of bet-size, stack-size, and opponent tendencies).

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