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My guess is that player 1 just didn't want to lose. So he made up this rule to get what he wants. Again, this is just an educated guess. I've been playing poker for years and I've never heard of such a rule. There are no variations of Texas Hold'em that would allow this, as far as I know. Of course, in a home game, everyone is free to make up their own ...


In Omaha Hold'em you have to use exactly two of the four cards from your hand and three on the board (since a poker hand is exactly five cards). This means you can only have the flush when you have two cards of the same suit in your hand and there are at least three cards of that suit on the board.


your hand is: pair of Tens + Ace kicker 1 + Queen kicker 2 opponent hand: pair of Tens + Ace kicker 1 + King kicker 2 So your opponent wins. I really don't want to be rude, but please google it next time, I'm sure you would've found the answer.


You hand is always the best five card hand you can make, so in this case: Your hand is : Pair of 10's with an Ace, Queen, and 4 Their hand is: Pair of 10's with an Ace, King , and 4 The King beats the Queen, so their hand is best; they win the pot. The 4 is also relevant since it is part of the best 5 card hand you can make. A tie occurs only if your ...


I think the player at your table was misinterpreting the rule. This is a raise. Rule 43 states: a multiple-chip bet is a call if there is not one chip that can be removed and still leave at least the call amount. To me, this says that in order for it to be considered a call, there cannot exist a situation where one chip is removed and the resulting ...


If the card is known, you fix it, if no action has taken place, if action has taken place, you continue the round using the card. You might also consider just letting it lay and play always, because you can never be quit sure the dealer actually did not burn. Unless someone happened to see them not burn it is never really clear. Note if your on the flop ...

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