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The pot belongs to player 2, and he can claim it with his face-down cards. However, called hands may be shown on request, so if either player asks the dealer to show the other hand, he will (if it is retrievable). In this situation, it would generally be considered rude to ask. Also note that player 2 asks at his own risk--since he is the apparent winner, ...


You don't specify whether you mean cash game or tournament, so YMMV here. This answer is relevant to tournaments that are using TDA rules. There were some changes made in 2015 to the TDA rules that affect who has to show cards and when. In your question, player 1 bets. If player 1 is all-in and called by player 2, then everyone must show their cards. No ...


Just how is player 1 supposed to show mucked cards? You immediately forfeit your hand when it hits the muck. Yes player 2 wins the hand without showing if player 1 mucks. There was a good argument on this in poker after dark with Phillip Hellmuth and Jean-Robert Bellande. Etiquette or rules


It sounds like you're talking about a game called Selection, or Rejection --also known as "Want it? Want it? Got it!" or "Polish". I've never played it but it does sound like a fun game to try out with friends. The rules are included in the link: basically, there are 2 down cards, 4 rounds of face-up cards where players can keep or pass the card just as ...

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